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Cleaning Orlando

Wherever cars go, they bring a large amount of dirt and grime with them. These substances then settle on the surfaces where we leave our vehicles for extended periods. These can be driveways, parking lots, or garages. 

These areas experience heavy automobile traffic, so they acquire extensive buildup of oil, dirt, and grime. 

Cars leave a wide variety of contaminants when parked for long periods. These include oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Not only do these fluids leave unsightly and damaging stains on the parking lot and garage floors, but they also leave noxious odors that can be repulsive to customers. 

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning Orlando

When cars parked for extended periods leave these chemicals behind, hiring pressure washing professionals like Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services for your parking lot and garage cleaning in Orlando, FL, is crucial. We have the cleaning solutions and high-tech pressure washing equipment. Our team can quickly and efficiently clean your commercial parking garages and parking lots. 

Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to correctly clean these surfaces without damaging the concrete underneath. This is vital, as improperly cleaning these areas can cause damage that is unsightly and costly to repair.

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning Orlando

Why Hire Professionals for Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning?

Maintaining a pleasant and inviting appearance is essential for any business. Not only does this refer to exterior maintenance of the building, but it also includes parking areas. While many business owners may feel customers ignore how these areas look, this is certainly not the case. They notice, which impacts their overall experience with your business. 

In addition to the poor aesthetic that comes from neglected parking lots and garages, there are also health hazards. Motor oil, brake fluid, and other fluids that cars leak have a viscous quality that makes them incredibly slick. When these fluids build up on the surfaces of parking lots and garages, they become a significant slip risk for anyone walking on them. 

Avoiding the possibility of injury to customers while they are on your property should be paramount for all property owners. However, litigation could ensue if a customer or employee sustains injuries due to neglect from the property owner. When this occurs, the insurance costs and possible litigation can completely derail normal business operations. 

While the possibility of injury on your property may be slight, it is incredibly frustrating when it does occur, as cleaning could have prevented it. To avoid any potential for this situation, the professionals at Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services recommend keeping your parking lot and parking garage clean with regular pressure washing services.

Why Choose Us

When you work with Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services in Orlando, FL, you are working with one of the highest-rated companies in the area. Our fully licensed and insured technicians use high-tech pressure washer equipment to quickly and efficiently clean any area. 

In addition to our cleaning expertise, with our free quotes and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are the go-to pressure washing company in the region. 

So, don’t delay! Contact Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services for your parking lot and garage cleaning project today!


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