Chewing gum removal is an essential step of any commercial restoration process, and it’s one of our most requested operations at Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services. Some of our clients try creative DIY methods of removing the remaining gum stuck under theater seats, showroom floors, and sidewalks before eventually calling us. You can scrape the gum with a butter knife or even harden it with an ice cube before trying to yank it, but it’s seldom worth the effort.

If you leave gum stains unattended, they will eventually darken, and your customers and employees will begin tracking it all over your floors. You can find chewing gum stains in nearly every commercial establishment in Florida. You can’t walk a mile without spotting a commercial sidewalk, loading bay, or storefront that is marred by black marks damaging an otherwise polished setup.

The Benefits of Professional Gum Removal

Reduces Health Risk

Reduces Your Health Risks

Chewing gum residue is not only unhygienic and unsightly, but it can also threaten the health of pets, children, and commercial equipment.

If you’re in the foodservice business and a customer accidentally touches chewing gum residue underneath one of your tables, they will see it as a health risk. If you sell general goods and accidentally give your shoppers tainted merchandise, you will lose them as customers forever.

Improves Your Image

Improves Your Image

Chewing gum removal can be an effective marketing tool, especially when you combine it with our other pressure washing services. Many customers ask us to clean chewing gum from store shelves, antique tables, and chairs.

Saves Your Employees

Saves Your Employees from Making Costly Mistakes

One of the most popular DIY techniques to remove gum residue involves heating water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and then shooting it directly into the stain at high pressure. This method will dissolve the gum. However, it can damage your concrete, tile, or linoleum floors.

Save yourself from remodeling costs by hiring experts with years of gum removal experience.

Why Hire Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services?

According to the SBA, over three million small businesses are active in Florida, and many of them operate with fewer than 20 employees. If you run a small to medium-sized enterprise and your customers find your commercial infrastructure unclean, you will experience a sizeable loss of profits.

Training employees on gum removal can be an expensive and futile exercise as they won’t have time to focus on your floors during peak hours, and they will forget how to do it in a matter of weeks.

Having spotless floors is an essential part of creating an excellent first impression. It shows that you care about the complete customer experience, so your products are worth the price. Call Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services today, and we’ll dissolve the gum off your floors with advanced pressure washing techniques that we can deploy efficiently and cheaply.

Call Us Today and Receive a Free Quote

Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services offers you the cheapest and most efficient gum removal service in Orlando, Florida. We’re experts in erasing all forms of vandalism, including graffiti tags and other types of so-called street art. Call our gum removal hotline today at (407) 276-1343, and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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