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For restaurant chains or other establishments with a drive-thru, these areas can become caked with dirt, oil, gum, grease, and other unsightly substances that give the area an ill-maintained look. While many business owners may feel like people glance over these areas, that’s not the case. Unfortunately, customers see this, which impacts their overall experience at your establishment. 

Cleaning these areas becomes a challenging undertaking the longer it goes untreated. Eventually, it becomes a project beyond a simple water hose cleaning. When this occurs, it is time to bring in a professional pressure washing service for your drive-thru cleaning. 

When you work with Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services, you get an experienced team familiar with the necessary duties required for drive-thru cleaning in Orlando, FL. These areas need technicians with proper training in pressure washing equipment and cleaning products to ensure your drive-thrus are clear of any unsightly dirt and grime. 

So, for your next drive-thru cleaning project, contact the best in the pressure washing business. Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services have the experience, equipment, and expertise to clean your drive-thru lanes quickly and efficiently and have them looking new in no time!

Drive Through Cleaning Orlando

Why Is Drive Thru Cleaning Necessary?

While cleaning your establishment’s drive-thru lanes creates a pleasing and inviting aesthetic for new and returning customers, it provides additional benefits that many business owners overlook. When establishments fail to clean these areas, there is potential for customers to track these filthy substances into the business. 

Because of this, there are regulations to prevent contamination and health and safety risks. Businesses that fail to clean their drive-thrus properly can receive hefty fines with these regulations. Just like the standards health inspectors put forth for the interior of the building, standards exist for the exterior. 

In addition to potential fines from regulatory offices, failing to clean these areas of oil, grime, and grease poses a significant safety risk for customers and employees. This is due to the viscosity of these substances. Oil, grease, and grime can become incredibly slick — when people track these substances into the business, fall risks increase dramatically. 

These fall risks increase the likelihood of personal injury. In addition, when an individual sustains injuries within your business, this increases the possibility of insurance involvement or even litigation. Both come with the potential for unnecessary costs that owners could avoid if a professional pressure washing service like Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services came in to clean the drive-thru area.

Why Choose Us

No other pressure washing company can compete with the professional service you receive with Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services in Orlando, FL. With our free quotes on drive-thru cleaning services and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are the go-to pressure washing company in the area. 

In addition to our brilliant service, we also pride ourselves on service with a smile. We treat our customers like family, which is why we are one of the highest-rated pressure washing companies in the area. 

If your business needs drive-thru cleaning, contact the best at Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services at (407) 276-1343 today!


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