Questions to Ask Power Washing Companies in Orlando, FL

Pressure Washing Orlando

When considering a company that offers power washing in Orlando, you need someone who offers outstanding service. Being good is the place to start, not something to boast about. Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services is one of Orlando’s leading pressure washing companies. 

Our team understands how to optimize every exterior cleaning session to maximize results and curb appeal. We use a combination of soft washing and pressure cleaning to obtain flawless results without damaging even the most fragile surface. 

If you are serious about getting the best possible results, you can rely on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re outside of our service area, let us help you understand what to ask a potential pressure washing company.

Are Your Technicians Certified? 

Certification is important for two reasons. For one, it means better-trained technicians. Most experts undergo training through the Power Washers of North America in this arena.

The second reason certification is important is in case of damage or an accident. Many insurers will deny claims if the technician is not properly qualified. 

Is Your Company Insured? 

Pressure washing experts maintain their insurance for their protection and yours. While it’s unlikely for something to go wrong, there is always a chance of an incident. If a technician falls off your roof, they may claim against you if the company is uninsured. Furthermore, your insurance may not pay damage claims on the basis that it is the company’s responsibility.

What Guarantees Do You Offer? 

Until the company works with you a few times, you have no way to establish whether or not its services are optimal. If it does a mediocre job, what recourse do you have with it? In our case, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the results, we continue to work until you are. 

What Cleaning Agents Do You Use? 

A reputable company will use environmentally friendly products that work well in the area. Say, for example, that there is a type of moss that only grows in Florida. A power washing company in Orlando should use the best cleaners for this specific moss species. It’s also important to understand what the run-off will do to your landscaping. 

How Successful Are You? 

Granted, every business owner will pump up the numbers to look better. However, a reputable business will be able to prove it with positive reviews, examples of projects similar to yours, and references if you require them. 

If a company is cagey about giving references, run. A successful company develops a good working relationship with its clients. In this industry, that means repeat visits over the space of several months or years. It should be able to find a few clients willing to recommend it if it is doing an exceptional job. 

Contact Your Professional Orlando Team Today!

Contact Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services to schedule power washing in Orlando today at (407) 276-1343. Let’s discuss your project and how we can coax out that clean surface beneath the patina of dirt. 

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