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Maintaining Your Roof in St. Cloud

Roof cleaning in St. Cloud, FL, is an investment in your property value and can extend the life of your roof — that is, so long as you hire an expert roof cleaning company like Holliday’s Pressure Washing Services. 

Our sunny climate is great for growing plants, but there are disadvantages. The sun scorches your roofing, and then rain pelts it. High humidity makes it easy for mold and mildew to grow. The mold, debris, and dirt accumulate on your roof, causing further damage. 

Annual safe roof cleaning removes the contaminants without harming the roofing materials. 

Roof Cleaning in Kissimmee, FL

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Roof Cleaning Kissimmee FL

Choosing Holliday's Pressure Washingin St. Cloud  

We’re your go-to roof cleaning services because we always put you first. We combine our extensive experience with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and top-notch equipment. Our soft washing technique removes grime and organic growth effectively without causing damage. 

We use a biodegradable cleaning agent to lift dirt and then brush it away. The residue then rinses away harmlessly. 

Perks of Roof Cleaning in St. Cloud, FL 

The benefits of roof cleaning in St. Cloud, FL, include: 

Improved Health

Higher property value

Buyers look at many things when appraising your property. A dirty roof makes them wonder about how good your maintenance is, but a clean one can enhance curb appeal and resale value. 

Extended Roof Longevity

Longer lifespan

More critical than good looks is how long your roof lasts. You can put off an inconvenient and expensive replacement by removing grime and algae that degrades the surface.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Save time and money

Dirt hides many small issues that keep snowballing until they’re too expensive to fix. Regular cleaning lets you detect these problems before they go too far. 

Fewer Safety Concerns

Improved health

The air we breathe is less pure than we’d like. There’s not a lot you can do about that outside your home, but you can keep your roof clear of allergens and potentially harmful pathogens with an annual clean. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Better energy efficiency

Algae does more than leave ugly black marks; it absorbs sunlight, creating hotspots inside your roof. As a result, your HVAC works harder to compensate, increasing your energy bill. Getting rid of algae can make your roof more energy-efficient.

Fewer Safety Concerns

Less mold

Mold spores can waft in on a breeze and quickly take root. Thanks to the humidity in the area, they have everything they need to stage an invasion. Regularly cleaning off the spores and any growth keeps mold in check. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Pest prevention

Pests look for safe hiding spots, and your roof can provide that for them. They’ll dig into the dirt or nest in the debris and cause havoc with your roofing. Over time, they’ll chomp on shingles and cause significant damage unless you clear them out.

What Our Customers are Saying

Absolutely TOP NOTCH everything – service, communication and results. Daniel made my driveway look brand new. 110% happy and will not hesitate to recommend and/or use again.
I recently hired this pressure washing company and I am extremely pleased with the entire experience. The communication was top-notch; they kept me informed every step of the way, which I greatly appreciated. The pricing was fair, and there were no hidden costs or surprises. Most importantly, the quality of their work exceeded my expectations. They were thorough and paid attention to every detail. I highly recommend this company for their excellent communication, fair pricing, and outstanding workmanship. I will be using again for all my pressure washing needs.
Timothy Ely
Timothy Ely
I am thoroughly pleased with Holiday pressure washing services, from our 1st interaction via phone and text communication was exceptional. He delivered what he promised , efficiency, promptness, courteous service, professionalism and overall exceptional job for my vinyl fence, patio driveway and walkway entrance. Honest hardwork is what we need and with Hoilday pressure washing that is what you will receive. From one Veteran to another thank you for your service. I highly recommend Holiday pressure washing. Thanks again!!
I’m very pleased with the services of Holliday’s Pressure Washing. Daniel was very responsive and professional. My driveway, front entryway and lanai looks great. Even smells nice!I highly recommend Holliday’s Pressure Washing.D. Spencer
Donna Spencer
Donna Spencer
Daniel and his crew are first class and provide top quality service. They are punctual, hard-working and take pride in their work. Being our third time using this company this recent visit was to pressure wash fences, walkways, driveway and soft wash the roof. Just like the other visits they went above and beyond even finishing earlier than expected. I would recommend them highly to anybody in need of a pressure washing service. Thanks for making everything look new again!
We have used Holliday’s twice now because it is a Veteran owned business and have been super pleased with his timelines, cleanliness, and professionalism. We actually let a high school kid do our property in between just to help him out but it was very apparent that Daniel is truly a professional at what he does. We would recommend him to anyone, over and over.
Will Ramsey
Will Ramsey
Best company I have ever dealt with. On time and prompt. Competitive pricing and extremely great quality of work and communication.
Brad Fournier
Brad Fournier

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